Re Byte System (repost)

Heard that rebyte won’t be available in the first version but will come out in the second version but might have a limit toit because it was abused in vine. Don’t really agree with this but maybe it could have a max of 10k rebytes a day. Because how else could videos go viral except for sharing? Any thoughts on the repost system?


Sharing could be on other platforms and, through likes and comments, it could rise in ranks on the app as well. But they’re not just abandoning the idea, they’re waiting on it to find and alternate and better solution for it!


if there’s no revine-like option, stolen content will be rife

it won’t be immediate, but a solution is sure to come


Daaang 10,000 rebytes a day?

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lol “sorry byte users, y’all already rebyted 10,000 times. please wait for 24 hours.”


who da hell would rebyte that many in a day

i wouldn’t even do it 10 times :umwht:


i think they meant byte as a collective

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viralty doesn’t HAVE to come from sharing a link on your page

the bulletin emphasized that discovery was very important to the team — see the recent tweets about popular now/rising. I think surfacing great new content and creators organically through the app will result in better content. The alternative is the existing influencers having a monopoly on what goes viral through rebytes (lame)

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Nvm disregard this message


Make sure you search for the topic of your post prior to creating a new one. There is already a topic created for this exact discussion. No “Rebytes” right away

Thanks! :blep: