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Almost all social media platforms have a like button or something close to it. What if with v2 you could rate a post, or even rate an account. Any account that hits a 1 star rating after being rated multiple times (20+) gets reviewed by the v2 staff and they determine whether it is spam or an actual user. If used for post, it could give multiple users the power to take down a post by giving it a one star rating. ( So post such as Jake Pauls 'Dead body’s video could be removed or reviewed by v2 staff faster than it took YouTube took to do so). What are your thoughts?

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Interesting idea I suppose, but it’s extremely easy for a large number of people to abuse such a feature. A lot of people may use this feature maliciously or just give either one-star or five-star rating. Without those two inevitable factors in mind, I think it’d be a great idea. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Agreed, I could see others creating fake spam accounts to give someone they don’t like a one star rating,


Just for clarification, would rating a post be the new like button? And when rating a post, what is the rating on? Like the content, how well the video was, how much you liked it? It seems like an in testing topic.

It could replace the like button or be a feature given to users who have proven to be a real user (not a bot) and will use the feature as it is supposed to be used for.

Ohhh. Neat idea!

I like your idea a lot. But that’s why we will flagg a post like the one you mentioned before. So the V2 moderators take a look at it.

Good suggestion tho.

This is true, the idea has many flaws and uses features that are already available to us. But if used for accounts, a 1-5 star rating could be available that would alow other’s to see the how other users like their content before following them.

I feel like this is quite abusable. I personally am a fan of just like buttons. I feel like dislikes have no proper feedback level since they just say “bad”

But a flagging system is a must


What about instead of using it as a ‘like’ button we put it onto the profile so when users are cheking out other user’s accounts they could rate it 1-5 stars. This could be one way people decide if they want to follow this user or not. For example twitter has accounts that follow you and as soon as you follow back you are unfollowed. If a user has a 1-3 star rating this could help users from following them or other spam accounts. Just an idea :smile:

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That last part is true, but I think it’s nicer to see someone’s content and judge if you wanna follow based on that. There are so many small creators who are great but don’t get followed because of low numbers


What if this could be integrated into Private accounts so you could know the quality of the content they post before requesting to follow them?

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Anyone populat could potentially get riddled with bots or trolls. While good in theory, I would hate an authentic creator to get a loop taken down, (or their whole account) for abusing that feature. Unfourtunately, people suck :frowning:


yo your idea is dope it would be cool and new users who have great content could come to rise insted of those who try to spam


I dont like that idea, think about the haters this would be awesome for they

Me too. Regina george is really to smash the 1 :star: button

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Good idea but I feel like people who hate the person (sadly we all know the haters are there) would rate the videos as crappy and then the artist wouldn’t get as many views or as high rates. And the small artists wouldn’t be rated as much, creating an unfair advantage

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