Rant: Live Adaptation Disney Movies are Stupid

I hope some people actually disagree with me because oh BOY OH BOY! Let me tell you why they are stupid and they are ruining disney classics.

It all started with Beauty and the Beast with me that i started to hate the live adaptation movies. I love beauty and the beast the movie is so beautiful. But the live adaptation was so boring and bland to me i turned it off 30 minutes in. It looked like when dreamworks copied off of disneys movie and decided to make a different spin on it but it turned out worst, like Finding Nemo to Shark Tale. I disliked it. But I gave it the benefit of the doubt. One rough patch right?

ALADDIN IS A FUCKING ATROCIOUS!! The trailer legit made me extremely mad because of how BAD it LOOKED. Im not talking about Will Smith either, that was, oh god, just, no. But let me put down what i hate about it in notes. Hopefully anyone reads this stupid stupid rant.

This guy is as intimidating as the emo kid in school who doesnt really talk but when he does he kindof scoffs and is like “whatever…” I dont think ive ever been more mad at a villain because he doesnt even SOUND like him let alone look like him. Infact why does he look attractive? I read an article saying about how hot JAFAR WAS which is soooo stupid for him to be labled as! Jafar literally is a ugly disgusting guy who tries to trick jasmines father into giving him his daughter so he can have her and take over the castle thing whatever. WHY ARE WE MAKING THIS GUY LOOK ATTRACTIVE? I cant wait for people to say “damn jafar can get it :heart_eyes:” that will be fun.

They literally changed an important part about the villain in the trailer.

When Jafar says to Aladdin “Fetch me the lamp” hes in disguise as a old man who tries tricking him into getting the lamp, and it shows how evil he is and how much of a trickster he is… WHY IS JAFAR LITERALLY LEADING HIM IN NO DISGUISE AT ALL THERE? “Oh go fetch me the lamp aladdin or whatever its your life lol” like fuck off with that. Like make him intimidating it should have been someone like Tim Curry or someone. But make a hot guy jafar i guess. I cant wait when they make the hunchback of notre dame and Frollo the main villain whos motive is literally “im gonna fuck esmerelda and if i cant, well, she dies.” And he even burns down all of these ‘gypsies’ houses out of spite. Now lets cast him as hunky chris hemsworth :heart_eyes:

Will Smith Shouldn’t Even Be Blue
Very short conclusion, I think he shouldve been the color he is instead of blue. He actually looks better without the blue and I’d probably not even be enraged by it. I would get it. I mean hey you turned jafar into a hot twink why make him not the stay puff marshmellow man. image
Please keep him like this. It looks fine.

Disney found the algorithm which is people will fall for Nostalgia no matter how bad it is. I have a strong belief that these are going to continue getting worse and worse but will still make them 300M+ each time because no matter how bad it is, people want nostalgia and it makes me sad because I genuinely love Disney, but as a disney fanatic, I just cant stand them anymore. Just remake something that people might not get at mad at like Treasure Planet, infact, I wouldnt mind seeing that even if things are changed! Dumbo is the only one I’m not worried about because there isnt that much story behind it. Maybe Tim Burton can make a cool story out of it, also Dumbo looks adorable. But don’t change something that doesnt need to be changed. Keep it the same, keep it treasured. Dont turn it into a heaping pile of memes like Aladdin is now.

Theres my lil rant. Thanks for reading if you did. :slight_smile:


i like shark tale


That was a very nice rant

I don’t blame you for liking shark tale

The fish gives 90% of people nightmares tho in that

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hey f u they’re making a mulan and I’m gonna sing my heart out to “i’ll make a man out of you” till they kick me out


Same #ByteFam