[rant] byte's about to just become tiktok 2

edit: i just want to reiterate that this was a rant, i was really pissed off and frustrated in the moment, and i know byte isn’t COMPLETELY overrun by these people.

i am genuinely just so uninspired by all these new people just constantly posting the same exact content. its tiring to go through my mix page. it’s exactly why i hated tiktok.

i came to byte to escape tiktok, but now almost every video i see is just a downloaded tiktok. there’s barely any actual byte content, that i’ve been able to see at least. the channels seem like they’re being a little more moderated now, which is nice, but i try to inform people (politely as i can within the character limits) about channel usage whenever i see something blatantly misplaced. which, half the time, comes with “we don’t care shut up <3”. today i tried to do that and i was met with her and her friend stalking my page and commenting stupid things under my bytes. it’s not even hurtful, my eyes are just in so much pain from rolling around in my eye sockets.

i wasn’t much a fan of the millennial humor going on before “alt” tiktok found us, but these “alt” bytes are just so mind numbingly basic. i genuinely would rather have the millenial humor back, at least there was a LITTLE variety. and people just seemed like they were having fun. now all i see is videos with the color changing filter and text on the screen asking to be famous when they wake up.

i want to make actual content on here so bad, but like i said, just all the bland tiktok content just makes me frustrated and uninspired. it’s so hard to get myself to make anything besides bytes ranting about other bytes, which is just making the recycled content buildup even worse.

i dunno. this was all over the place. lmk if anyone feels the same way i guess.


Damn dude it’s been like 48 hours. Let them adapt

We can show them there is a better way


I don’t recommend letting people know they are posting in the wrong category. It’s nice you want to help clean things up, but as you’ve seen people end up not listening to you and/or harassing you and it’s not worth that. Give it time and things will settle and there will be a place for everyone.

Also: they probably know they’re posting in the wrong category, so they don’t care.


We promise it’s not all like that! There are genuine content creators outside of alt TikTok that have more variety to it. It def takes a bit of searching through all the deep fried TikTok but trust me, they’re definitely there.

That being said follow who ya like and mix up the content ya see :raised_hands:t5::fire:


dude, we’re still getting used to this app. it’s completely new to us, so of course we’re going to post about that nonstop. give us time, once we settle in there’ll be more variety.


It seems to be just teething problems. There’s been a dramatic shift in just the last 24hrs . Its not all bad


The main problem is that they are using the TikTok editor to upload on Byte which then kills the “Vine” vibe and turns it into a “TikTok” vibe; They are complaining that the editor is weak, but the editor wasn’t made for lipsyncing and dancing videos like on TikTok.

what is worse is that they are now trying to gatekeep the rest of TikTok who isn’t a part of “altTikTok” from comming onto the app but they already turned it into TikTok.


I am not going to stop saying this, I am so excited you all came here :purple_heart: but this app isn’t Tik Tok 2, we all have been working hard on this to make it more like a funny and creative Vine 2 app, maybe a litle but more modern but a funny, drama free and creative app u.u


if ur complaining about alt tiktok being bad the straighties found byte and they do the same dances witht he same dance moves ever day you’ll be HELLA bored

Charli is here? Time to abandon ship /s.