Random shit

its 2019…thats cool isn’t it.
Tbh just use this thread to have a conversation.

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blah blah blah duplicate post blah blah blah you act like its a joke but its guidelines but sure there can be 79 posts called happy new year xx

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i mean it isnt

its always me u dan and ramo here


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a thread where people just talk? sounds like a duplicate topic to me x


:nose:t2::+1:t2::eggplant::joy::nose:t2::+1:t2::uk::nose:t2::uk::uk::nose:t2::gem::hourglass_flowing_sand::racing_car::oncoming_taxi::metro::racing_car::articulated_lorry::train2::racing_car::train2::train::railway_car::motor_scooter::train2::racing_car::railway_car::steam_locomotive::railway_car::airplane::bullettrain_front: no

Well hello then.

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