If anyone is into MMORPG’s There was a server called raiderz long ago, that shut down due to company reasons, though now they have been bought by another company after years and they are bringing the game back.

We have created a official discord server for the new raiderz server so if anyone wants to join

Oh really they’re bringing it back? Nice. I’ll be sure to join the discord server for when I have time

I don’t know the game, time to do some research.

Hi guys, here is someone who playing mmo games? I would like the opinion of someone who has more experience in games about which games are current now. Also, my friends are not game lovers and I would like to play with someone because I’m bored alone. In general, what kind of games do you like to play? Suggest any category of games, I would like to try more kinds. Well, I look forward to an answer.