Racist screen names continue to be an issue

Although I am on hiatus, I continue to receive likes and comments from the community, for which I am grateful. However, this morning I woke up to a like from an account with a blatantly racist name. I reported the account, hoping that the staff will conduct an investigation into the matter.

However, through discussion with another user, I learned that these kind of accounts are widespread. In fact, one can type the first 4 letters of any racial epithet, and a user name matching it or some variation will appear. Folks, there are hundreds of them. Some are really obscure and only used in white supremacist circles, or antebellum period pieces.

Needless to say, this needs to be addressed in a swift and decisive manner.

I recommend running a select query on the user tables with a “like” query, including some of these epithets, and replacing them with a placeholder name and a warning.

Moreover, I believe some sort of prophylactic measure should be implemented to prevent future ability to choose names like these.

Going back into hiatus mode,


:pray: @dom can we sort out these racist names of some accounts and other slurs used.


I agree we should do something about this I just have one thought;

How would the team be able to prevent racist people from using slurs in their usernames while simultaneously making sure POC, ect, are able to use their terms if they want to reclaim them?

The n word is very offensive whether it’s used in a racist context or not. The word alone is offensive. Nobody is searching these words up. People with these racist names are commenting on other user’s posts


the word was and still is used as a derogatory term to attack black people. so yes, using the word is racist. especially when you know the context of it.


black people are allowed to use the term as they are reclaiming it.


and if it’s a black person claiming those users so actual racists don’t claim them then that’s a different story and one that I don’t really have a say in


No matter the context of the word it was created as an offensive name towards the black community and no matter how you use it it will still be seen as an offensive term and whoever uses it will be tied as being rude or offensive even if they were not trying to be.

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So you’re telling me the nword with the hard r that was used to discriminate black people for centuries is in itself not racist? 🤦🏻

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when you understand the context of the n word and how it was used to discriminate black folks, you’d have half a brain as not to say it…

given the recent protests and the international impact it had, you’d think we wouldn’t be encountering such ignorant people :roll_eyes:


Dude. If I wanted the bullet point list of loopholes to allow you to use the N word, I’d read any brigaded Twitter, reddit, or 4chan thread on the subject, of which I am well versed. In the end, these excuses are not valid. It is highly offensive to me, and these feeble attempts to find a loophole for racism wastes my time and insults my intelligence. Take this nonsense elsewhere, as it is not appreciated here, and never will be.

Moreover, I appreciate the sentiment of allowing persons of color to police their own speech, and I support this. However in this case there is no real practical or effective way to do this, without also giving the racists a new loophole. Besides, we’ve all seen the rise of digital blackface and impersonation in the past few years – no need to contribute to making it easier to do so.

And for the record, the racism extends beyond the N Word. There are several other racial epithets used as screen names. Some of them are very obscure, but no less impactful.


sir- you dropped this :crown:


Oh god. Black people can use the nword HOWEVER THEY WANT. Whenever they want. But it’s still a word that was turned against them for centuries. Just because they use it around each other dosent mean that it losses the context of being offensive


It is the word. It is still offensive and no loophole or context gets rid of the way it was used in history to belittle people of color.

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No if you’re not black you just don’t say it whether it’s being used offensively or not

Ngl :skull: My heart stopped cause I really thought Trump was commenting

What he was saying didn’t help either


For context on why it might look like people are arguing with a ghost on this thread lol:

I deleted the comments of a user trying to present loopholes to saying the n word and we dont need that here. The racist names gotta go


Sorry, quick off topic: This kind of editing of a conversation is interesting.

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The user had posted NOTHING else to this entire forums except to this thread, and it was only to try to justify the use of the n word when the original post is asking for any racist/slur related names to be taken care of. I dont think we should allow those kind of people to continue spewing that here, so i felt it was best to delete it


Yeah I agree. It just creates the arguing with a ghost situation which is confusing. I’m not arguing against your decision. I definitely don’t want to support n-word loopholing. I just think the effects of editing conversations are interesting to think about.