Racism towards Asian American

Have you noticed the racism towards Asian Americans because of the coronavirus?



Don’t feel comfortable talking about this topic, xenophobia is a major issue.


Aussie asian here. Yup.

Was especially bad on TikTok. Not too bad on Byte. A little outside irl. Though I know it’s a lot worse than I can personally see it, some friends and family have had some encounters but nothing serious.


Yes, we do see the comments “corona virus” in our TikTok videos almost everyday.

However, it’s a common saying that kids put in comments, just like “ok boomer” or “I don’t remember asking”. It’s just a trending thing. I’m not saying it’s good but I don’t let it bother me where I have to engage into a enraged debate over it.

If you let things like that bother u, then other thing else will bother u one way or another. It’s a sensitive topic, but in the real word, u gotta have thick skin :blush:


Thats unfortunate i havent had any hate experiences yet i wouldnt be suprised if it did. We need to spread more love and work as a union on how we deal with current events

Every single day. You see it in the news, remember in London, where some Asian dude had his face swollen from a black eye from a crowd attacking him saying “Get your coronavirus out of my country?”

Racists will be racists. There’s no stopping that. Luckily, it’s not very rampant on Byte…since its userbase tends to be a little older/more mature. But on TikTok, I expect it to be pretty rampant. Asians are one of the easiest-to-make-fun-of-races, with no social reprecussions – stereotypes like good grades, eating dogs, I just scratch my head. It’s like a distasteful joke. At school, when some kid I’ve never seen before asks me if I “Like to eat fried rice” as he’s giggling through his fingers? What do I even say to that?

Now, with coronavirus, it’s the same way…but some people have the sense to know this one’s just downright offensive. Kids on TT, maybe not so much.


People always need someone to blame when they are scared, confused or just lack knowledge on certain issues. This is just another example of “otherizing” a group. Sadly it is condition of our society at large.

You are TikTok right? I think we have seen your videos on there - you are funny AF :joy:

Byte is infant community and will grow. This gives this community the early chance to support and protect each other from stupid, ignorant and down right racist/sexist/etc comments or post vids.
Byte will not be immune to Coronavrius comments.

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Thank you that means alot! I will be posting more frequently soon! Stay tuned :joy::crazy_face::man_dancing:t4:

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I think this is another incarnation of “The Yellow Peril” that Americans carried when the Chinese first migrated and when there was hysteria over the Japanese after Pearl Harbor. Racism was always present towards Asians… look at Reddit and you can see “Ching Chong” memes. It just got exacerbated when this epidemic that came from China hit.

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I’ll joke about coronavirus since it’s literally 15 minutes away. Otherwise I’ll go :peanuts:

But as a general rule of thumb, I try and stay away from the whole “____ are evil” stuff. If you make the Venn diagram general enough, we’re all lumped in with evil people.

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Absolutely. I’ve been seeing xenophobia everywhere and people justifying it as “being safe”. I was in Starbucks earlier today and I had my hamster with me because I didn’t want to leave him in the car alone and this really nice lady comes over to me and starts making conversation about pets and we were having a lovely chat because it was crowded and we were all waiting for our drinks; then two teenage boys come in and look over at us then say something about corona virus and walk back out.

We both kinda looked at each other but didn’t know what to say. It sucked pretty badly, and I felt awful for her.

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Thank u for sharing i will read it tonight. What kind of content do you put out?

Racism makes me angry no matter why… Its just stupid

Bit off topic but corona related…
They close italy… Not a joke they close all of Italy…

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Yeah Australia is being absolutely ridiculous! If I see anyone irl do or say anything hurtful to any fellow asians I will cough on them

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