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What’s up, y’all! I was on reddit today and was reading a thread about worst work experiences. So I was wondering, for those who work or have worked, what was your most annoying work experience.

If you don’t work, what is something that you’ve seen that was weird in stores or anywhere you buy stuff??

This guy called our deli and told us we ruined his entire day because we put diced tomatoes on his sandwich when he never told us he didn’t want any.

So my boss took the phone from me, asked the guy what was wrong, and my boss said “Honestly, if your entire day was ruined because of 1 ingredient on a sandwich then you need to rethink your priorities”, and then my boss hung up the phone.


Ur boss is amazing!

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Today a customer returned one of the stores items (saying it was hers) and she got the money for it

Jesus Christ that’s bad as lol

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Yeah that happened a lot until the managers at my store caught on

Yea like omg I’m shocked someone did that

there was another time where we were closing at 3 pm one day and two whole families came in at 2:55 pm. We had everything closed down and put up and he looks at me and says “I don’t usually wish death upon people… but these aren’t people.”

then he told the rest of the crew to leave and he was gonna deal with the families

The mistreatment towards their workers, that is very unpleasant