R.i.p. v***

vine was shut down a year ago today


But this Forum will be alive in memory of Vine :vine:


Similar post? :wink:


it was a really sad day :sob:

“Y’all dead too?”
MSN gulped.
Club penguin nodded.
AIM shuddered.
Vine blinked nervously.
“Yes Miss Keisha” they said in unison.


hah, true! maybe i should shut this one down. yours is more heartfelt :slight_smile:


Ah no, I’m only kidding. Yours is posted on the actual day! :upside_down_face:


That day for me was a social media low for me :cry:

Oh I really miss vine ! Hopefully V2 will save us from depression ! Also sometimes heroes dont wear capes(@dom our hero)

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I miss making new friends just because of a 6 second video. Back in high school people would be like “omg you’re watching that vine!?” and from there on we would laugh and you made a new friend. It was as simple as that years ago. But no worries, I’m sure V2 will get popular quick. New content creators, more original content, new faces, new trends. It’s like a fresh start. Can’t wait for V2 :hugs: :two_hearts:


yeah @dom

We just started vine that time and it got shut down after a week. Had to move everything to other platforms. Hopefully, v2 will be the best place for everyone to grow. @Dom & Team, Thank you!

Was on that app since 2013. my friend showed me it. It looked stupid but few months past i started enjoying it. Everyday i took a look at vines just to make me smile. Me and my friends were always just making fun of memes. When it got shut down I was really sad like dumb sad and had left nothing to watch then “instagram comedians” really looking forward to this one tho.

It was a sad day

Wow i feel old.

rare you planing to launch V2 in its anniversary?

Vine shut down on my 18th birthday… felt like a piece of my “childhood” ended. I’m so happy to be a part of this forum a year later :slight_smile:

I got into vine late. Well actually I watched vines from the start but I only started creating and talking to people in 2015. Very sad day

RIP VINE :heart:

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RIP :vine:ine. You will be missed. :cry: