Quick suggestion

I don’t have any ideas for what should be added, but I do know what definitely shouldn’t be added! Please, for the love of god, don’t have stories because every social media site (Facebook, IG, Snapchat) and it’s mother has stories.


Also I’m being sarcastic I will take V2 in any form.


I think stories should be added, you don’t need to necessary use them. I understand your point of view and I feel like each platform should be different and I would like to send my Instagram/V2/Facebook followers to Snapchat so I can monetize and see the growth of my story.

I stand corrected.


An excellent rebuttal :smile:

Look. I agree with you but at the same time disagree.

There are different types of histories. Like youtube one where only verified users can upload.

THAT’S the type of history I want to see on V2. V2 it’s not IG or Snapchat.

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I understand your point of view

I totally agreee also here’s another thread discussing V2 stories

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I didn’t see this other thread! Thanks for pointing that out.

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