'Quick Add' feature similar to Snapchat


From Snap’s support website:

“Quick Add makes it easy for you to find and add new friends and will appear in various sections of Snapchat. Snapchatters may show up in Quick Add if you share mutual friends or have added their number in your phone. Quick Add may show up on your Chat, Stories, and Send To screens. There may not always be new Snapchatters to show in Quick Add. This does not mean that you don’t have access to the feature, it just means there’s nobody new to add right now”

It would be great for me to find friends and contacts that I can quickly add without having to ask for their information. It would help drive users to keep following which will lead to more engagement! Hope this helps.

This may be more of a feature for ‘friends’. I understand that V2 may be more intended for content creation like Youtube but still I hope this sparks some conversation.


Great way to find mutuals, good idea!


I like the idea, but there absolutely has to be an option to not show up on people’s quick add. There needs to be a way to opt out.

There are other social media sites that do this and I think it is a very successful mechanic! Being able to see “you like this channel, so here are a couple other channels that are super similar” can be incredibly symbiotic! For the viewer, they’re getting more content that they want to see, and the content creators are getting more visibility!

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Yaas, more chances of being noticed so im all for this

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