Questions (RESULTS)

In total 25 people filled in the form, here are the results:

  • What Genre will your videos be?
    84% of people said ‘comedy’, 4% said ‘musical’ and 4% said both. With another 4% saying non-specific. Someone also said that they would just do some nature stuff. So i have another question, from these results, should byte have the old v*ne category system?
  • Yes (I want the old category system)
  • No (I do not want the old category system)

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  • Why are you making videos?
    The most common answers were either making friends, making people laugh or just for fun or as a creative outlet. Maybe the app should be marketed to these kinds of people as most people had this answer.

  • How many ideas do you have?
    The majority of people (40%) had over 50 ideas. 16% had none, 12% had 1-10, another 12% had 10-20, and another 12% had 20-30 (including me), 8% had 40-50. Seeing as most people have 40% i’d assume hype is pretty high for byte if they are making that many ideas.

  • Have you started making videos?
    68% of people said no and 32% said yes. This was quite a split throughout the survey’s duration, quite a few people are starting to make videos.

If you want to take it:


nice one sammyboi

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Easy 100%

Yes absolutely to express creativity :+1:t2:

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id vote only I never really used vine so don’t know what the old system was like ahaha