Question regarding the Byte @s

So I have a question. I know the Byte app may be in early stages but, how will the @s work? Will the @ you have reserved in the forums be the one that carries over if you sign up with the same email address as the one on the forums? Or will everyone start fresh and its first come first serve? Also, will the @s be like vine where there can be multiple accounts with the same name? If this has already be discussed and or answered, please feel free to link me. :two_hearts:

forum username is not byte username


Okay thank you.

to my knowledge everyone will have a username and a name

Okay. So when you look up someone, do you think it will be by @ or username?

i think it will work partially by both, but i really dont know, not 100% sure if its been discussed elsewhere

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Okay, maybe it will be like if you want to look up a specific account you will have to put an @ in the front of it, sort of like twitter.

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as far as we know it’s going to be @β€˜s then you can add your name of course.

usernames from the forums won’t carry over


Everyone should have a username and actual name I think