Question regarding name

Maybe this has been answered but I haven’t seen it, will the new app named still be called byte? Or clash? Or maybe even something new?






no thx

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just byte lol

according to the verge it’s gonna be called clash

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it’s going to be clash, they even changed byte’s developer name on google play

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Cleetus McVeejus


Yuck we’re gonna be called Clashers I’m trynna make videos not start a Revolutionary War.


doesn’t mean the app is going to be called something else. where does it say it’s going to be called clash? i thought it’s staying as byte

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im just guessing after all this stuff that happened for now

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oh hELL no! why why why

Isn’t byte a stronger brand though?

it is, but who cares i guess

Despite what The Verge article says I’m not 100% sure it will be called Clash, mainly because Clash was pulled from the App Store and byte wasn’t, and on Clash’s website they’re encouraging people to download byte. Of course that could just be because they’ll change the name to Clash soon, or it could be that they’ll keep the name byte but will operate it under their parent company name “Clash Inc.” The reason I take tech articles with a grain of salt is because of how many of them royally butchered the facts after byte’s release and gave out a bunch of false info lol. So I guess I’ll hold out until I see a mention of a name change from the Clash team itself.
Either way it is what it is, we’ll just wait and see I suppose. :sunglasses:


On iOS they changed it to wave video LLC. Meaning it could also be called wave.

So what do we call Wave users? Wavers? Greeters? Lmao.

Too soon?