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I’ve been seeing people discussing about Byte joining with this app called clash can somebody please help me understand what’s going on?? Is going to be taken down? :full_moon_with_face:

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And what does this means for our accounts?

So Clash is an app somewhat similar to byte, but they have a lot of money and byte doesn’t. So the Clash company bought byte and is going to be running it from now on.
As far as we know our accounts will not be affected. Actually, when they announced the merger, they took Clash off the app store and told people to download Byte, so things look good on that front.


can I ask where you’re getting this information? I’ve seen no official information regarding the byte/clash name change or if there will even be one.

Follow the link to the thread where I posted it. I quoted my sources. They used direct quotes from Brandon

Well that is supremely disappointing. Clash is really just a dumb name for an app like this, no two ways about it.

My problem with the name is that it is so similar to many well established apps, Clash of Clans, Clash Royal, and others.

Byte on the other hand only had to compete with a defunct food delivery app.

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byte’s SEO was pretty crappy. the first things that come up are the popular byte orthodontics brand similar to smile club and the “byte house” which is a tiktok hype house in the uk. admittedly i thought “clash” had to do with clash of clans. but it could be marketed as a play on “Cash App”…


Yesss I agree.:full_moon_with_face:

The name Byte was going to be an SEO nightmare from the very beginning