Question & Answer time!

Let’s ask eachother some questions!
I will start with a question. Someone answers it and asks another question for the next one!

What is your favourite dish?


Pasta (any)

What’s your favorite film?

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Amelie Poulain.

What did you do today?

Spent all day watching It’s always sunny in Philadelphia :laughing:

Anything exciting planned this week?

Lmao no. Just College.

Favourite song atm?

Spotlight by lil peep !

One thing you wanna achieve this week ?

Cleaning my house.

What was your first cellphone?

my first phone was a tiny samsung smartphone :^)

where is one place you’d like to visit?

Los angeles.

Celebrity Crush?

Adam Levine.

Favourite colour?


Current favorite meme?

I think the Spongebob one.

What time is it where you live?

Here is 12:26

How tall are you?


How was your day?

It went well until the Patriots lost

Do you have brothers?

(Hahahaha) do you mean siblings or borthers?
Yup I have a brother.

What’s your favorite quote?

I enjoy a heart puttanesca myself, but I don’t think a child would appreciate the moniker

What’s your favorite book?

The trilogy of the Hunger Games

Do you have a couple?

Does Netflix count?

What’s your favorite show?

Lost, I love that tv show

How old are you?