[Question] about saved byte

Hello everyone !

I have a question and you probably can help me.
I just saved my new byte and i saw that their wasn’t the title in. Before it was present in the video…

So is that a bug or is that due to a past update ?
I really enjoyed this option :confused:
Thank you for your answer :blush:


I would recommend reporting this a bug and attached the video file—- use wetransfer.com

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Did you save it in the ‘caption page’, right before uploading it? Cuz I saw that there’s no watermark or title when you save it from there


@Pac Oh okay, i will report so :blush: thanks
And @Benf no no i saved it on my profil and after posted it…


Relevant Thread: Text vs. captions and when to use them

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They’ve recently removed the captions from saved bytes. : ) I believe it’s because the byte team is moving towards making the new text feature that let’s you add words to the byte video itself as being the main focus of giving context to the byte, as opposed to the captions. If I remember correctly the captions will be truncated soon.


Tanks you @colinkiama
Oh… okay tanks you for the info too @HeyWhatsNew ! I hope they will ad this to the old phone… bc if not i will never ne able to write caption/texte on the video…

To me, it’s bad to keep out caption and just keep caption in video… (to me) it was caption the « main » title and then the text in video was a « plus » :// it’s just my opinion :woman_shrugging:t3:

Hmm so you don’t see this?

Before i could see it but i couldn’t tap on it
i just try and now i can add text

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