Question about partnership and spam accounts

So there’s tons of accounts out there garnering a lot of views and followers, (this would be very attractive to a company) based on uploading content that isn’t theirs, I’m talking about those funny video compilation or old big viners videos etc. Will these accounts be able to partake in the partnership program seeing as they would eventually have a large audience reach which is good for companies or are they excluded and would the focus only be on original content?



I think it’s based on your perception of what you want with the app/partner program, Someone made a good point that the partner program form never asks for your stats. It just asked what you plan on doing, what kind of content you make, and what your goal is on byte. I think both small and big accounts will be able to join the program since they’re also using it to help smaller creators reach a wider audience, but again it’s just a theory with the facts I know so far. Hope I helped a little :smiley:


facts, it’s a great opportunity & i’d love to be a part of it tbh

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The application asks for it at the bottom I’m pretty sure, there’s a question that asks how many followers you have and then like 5 answers ranging from 0-100 followers to 100,000.

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Meme account has a greater average, but I think it’s should have a partnership program since it’s stolen/reposted content (maybe without the owner’s consent). I guess there should be a policy implemented about copyright strike for repost viral videos that makes a profit from the video(s):

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It did? I dont remember it asking me for my follower range, You have a link?

Can’t find it but it was on, there was another link I think it’s actually on the forums by the devs, that was much shorter than the one I filled in which is probably the one you filled in.

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Just saw it, I forgot about that, but I guess it could be used to see who needs it or where the people are and how much help they need. I believe Dom is making the perfect decisions and we can only wait till more info is released. :smiley: super sorry for thinking they didn’t ask about following.

we mentioned this in the announcement, but we will require creators who want to participate in the program to own their content. we’ll cover that and more details in a followup post