Question about 3 of the new category channels, from a moderator POV

The categories I’m referring to are FUNNY, NO UPLOAD and TRASH. I’m not sure where to post the majority of my content moving forward. Comedy was the easy choice before.

Most of my posts are done by holding down the record button in the app (NO UPLOAD)
and saying stuff that is an attempt at humor (FUNNY)
to incite WTF type reactions (TRASH)

I’m specifically asking for a moderator perspective on where to categorize this type of content. If It doesn’t matter as long as no rules are broken in a category, that’s cool and I can just choose based on my mood.


I think a lot of noupload videos are also funny so that could be a good spot. Not a mod tho


Personally, I used to post solely in experimental…which…now I’ll post in trash. It only seems right…given my username.
I say this to say…post in any of them.

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I have to admit, I might just have a bit of a hang up too. I sort of consider myself a comedian minded person, but I am very aware that humor is subjective. I guess I’m a bit hesitant to post in a category where humor might just be a minority of videos. Yet, at the same time, I personally would feel bad if I were posting in FUNNY and all the other videos were professional and well produced and edited etc. At the end of the day, I do want to be in the right place.


Unless told otherwise, I’ll do just that. :slightly_smiling_face:

I think you could easily post in funny too if you wanted to

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This goes back to an earlier thought, I’d love for the mods tone more of curators.

Rather than enforcers, give them the ability to reclassify correctly vs delete. They can also add something cool they see to their curated channels. This takes a lot of the :grimacing: stress out of it for me as a creator.

So much of my stuff is :man_shrugging:
Art (RIP :skull:)
Soothing (previously chill)

Like a time lapse drawing I would post in art, or animation. But I also knew something like the Ludacris or open/closed season was made to be funny and would get more :eye: in /funny.

Let the creators focus on creating, and give the curators the ability to cross post.

But also let the creators know when their stuff gets moved, or cross posted. Especially for the moving, I think that should have some sort of checks and balances reporting/protest -just to avoid favoritism or negativity.

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Good ideas, seems like a lot of work, but if possible that would be awesome. Cross posting vs move posting seems like a way to moderate moderating too, like 1 mod can cross post but move post needs a majority vote or something. Seems like a lot to manage tho.

I’'d bet the idea is to have less moderating necessary by having clear and concise but all encompassing categories that make incorrect categorizing a hard thing to do instead of an easy thing to do. That’s what beta is for… :slightly_smiling_face:

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