Quarantine vs opening up

I really want our economy back but it isn’t a good idea.

My household is medical essential.

That means no time off since before this started. On call 24-7. There has been at least one overnight 24hour work day every week.

It takes 3 weeks to recover from being up 24 hours. Mental and physical health suffers at this point.

The job is specialized. There are 15 people for every 100 jobs that need filled. There is no one to replace some of these essential workers. We might lose medical knowledge if we lose key people.

Please just wear a mask in public. Don’t go out if you don’t have to.

It is important, for you and for me, just until there is a vaccine.

Stay in. Take a class. Do online college. Learn to cook. Read. Catch up on old shows. Make your own YouTube or byte series. Get close to immediate family.

I you have no option, I will mail you a cloth mask.