Quarantine & Productivity

The craziness of the last few months has given creators an unusual opportunity. I can’t help but feel bad for all the people whose hours were cut at their jobs; I hope you’re all doing well. Although it’s tough, this might be a great time to live inside your brain for a while and explore ways to be more creative! A quarantine situation can bring out the creativity in some people, and the madness in others. Try to stay sane, hydrate, interact with people online, harvest new ideas, and come out of this with a fresh new outlook on the creativity spectrum! Good luck everyone!


Honestly I agree; as long as we can stay healthy and hours being cut gets worked out (if everyone lost money cant we all agree to just have a null month?) Its an amazing time to stay inside and not only focus on content work but catching up with friends and family and online groups. Maybe it doesnt have to be all bad


y’all lucky to stay inside


Agreed! Stay safe out there everyone!


My daughter and I are shooting a bunch of videos - and then I’m making her do math and reading - school is out for at least 2 weeks in Arizona