Quarantine England

Shit I don’t have school anymore I don’t even like staying at home for too long i start stressing and then get claustrophobic. If I’m not kept busy I’ll start seeing shit and this Corona virus thing is blown way out if proportion. I was literally chilling going gym taking the bus even with everyone shitting themselves about this but now I’m getting affected cos I can’t go school.

Wtf am I gonna be doing at home


Trying not to be upset… is really hard.

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I would watch Byte Videos — Binge watch some stuff, create videos, mhmm Read :eyes:


I got a girlfriend I live with, which makes things easier because we prop each other up.

I’m looking at things as day-by-day, week-by-week. Having a routine helps a lot, every morning I get on my exercise bike, shower, eat, clean and then mosey onto one thing I want to accomplish.

I try to have something special each night, whatever it’s a dinner…last night I tried making a box out of matchsticks…the night before that we had an “opera night” in where me and the girlfriend dressed up and watched the free streaming the the Met Opera is now offering. (and then i fell asleep within 20 minutes)

I could make bytes and by the way Oprah kidnaps if you don’t know

lol, what?

I know it was a dead joke I know where the door is :pensive:

Try to get sunshine if possible. I know people in multi family buildings might not have a yard and you might not be allowed to go to a park. Maybe make some pictures and tape them on the wall and change them a lot. Something to do and something new to look at.