Q For the YouTubers

How do you guys promote your channel or reel in new traffic? What are some of the best ways you’ve found to be effective.

Personally, I used to make animation videos but when I posted them on reddit for reviews, it was as if the mods hated it when people just commented good things about it…lol. It looked like I was promoting myself and tbh, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t really…lol

I’ve tried doing vlogs but it doesn’t pull new traffic especially without a large following but I like the fact that I get to document myself online. And it’s far easier to edit compared to animation.


Download tubebuddy! It’s very helpful for SEO. I’ve been using it with my latest videos and the top way people have been finding them have been through YouTube search.

I don’t have even a remotely large following yet but it feels good that my views go up even a little bit every day.


I do have Tubebuddy…But I’m on the free version and the only thing I found helpful was the “tag helper”. Perhaps I should learn how to use it properly :sweat_smile:
Are you on the paid “pro” version?

I was gonna start YouTube before byte and I realized it was easier to play a character rather than act like myself on camera :joy:

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Haha. You could totally play characters on YouTube too. Take me for example, in my early videos I was:
JungleHash - An Australian explorer on the mysterious island of SkullIslandJungleTopia.
A poet
A salesman who tried to sell a stick (like literally a stick)
A campfire storyteller
A guy who dated a “3D girlfriend”
…the list goes on and on.

But the sweet thing about byte is that I noticed the shooting and editing are much quicker, enabling me to upload on a more regular basis compared to once a month on YouTube. :sweat_smile:

reaction videos or say something on about those markeitng gurus being a scam on youtube (from my expereince)

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The best method I’ve found is just be consistent and make dope thumbnails. External promotion barely does anything and YT won’t push your video that way. Posting on reddit is often a detriment because people will click in and click away which lowers your average watch time, which is all YT cares about. You gotta play the system and get picked up by the algorithm.

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