Q For the YouTubers

How do you guys promote your channel or reel in new traffic? What are some of the best ways you’ve found to be effective.

Personally, I used to make animation videos but when I posted them on reddit for reviews, it was as if the mods hated it when people just commented good things about it…lol. It looked like I was promoting myself and tbh, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t really…lol

I’ve tried doing vlogs but it doesn’t pull new traffic especially without a large following but I like the fact that I get to document myself online. And it’s far easier to edit compared to animation.

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Download tubebuddy! It’s very helpful for SEO. I’ve been using it with my latest videos and the top way people have been finding them have been through YouTube search.

I don’t have even a remotely large following yet but it feels good that my views go up even a little bit every day.


I do have Tubebuddy…But I’m on the free version and the only thing I found helpful was the “tag helper”. Perhaps I should learn how to use it properly :sweat_smile:
Are you on the paid “pro” version?

I was gonna start YouTube before byte and I realized it was easier to play a character rather than act like myself on camera :joy:

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Haha. You could totally play characters on YouTube too. Take me for example, in my early videos I was:
JungleHash - An Australian explorer on the mysterious island of SkullIslandJungleTopia.
A poet
A salesman who tried to sell a stick (like literally a stick)
A campfire storyteller
A guy who dated a “3D girlfriend”
…the list goes on and on.

But the sweet thing about byte is that I noticed the shooting and editing are much quicker, enabling me to upload on a more regular basis compared to once a month on YouTube. :sweat_smile: