Putting up Memes on Alt Account or Main Account, I need your opinion!

Hello Byte!! I have a major problem concerning alt accounts and I need everyone’s opinion!

I, like a few other Byters, have an alt account. On my main account (konoDavidDa), I post higher quality, comedy focused skits and such. On my alt account (DavidSliceOfLife), I post lower quality videos, vlogs, bloopers, and as of late, memes. gasp

While I continue filming and editing higher quality stuff, I’ve been able to post many memes on the alt in the past week, and they seem to get a good response and they are very fun/easy to make. But the reality is that barely anyone sees them since they are on the alt where I have significantly less followers. I do all my liking, commenting, following, and engaging with my main account, so the alt doesn’t get any growth.

What I’d like to do is just start posting the memes on the main account, because honestly, memes are a part of my sense of humor, they’re fun, and people like them. Other big Byters have put a few memes on their main account too. Plus, I hope to be in the partner program some day, but I’m not gunna get there soon if I’m splitting effort between two accounts. And if I did, then only one account would be partnered (?)

The problem is that the difference in content style may not be what everyone likes. You may not see my face for 5 posts because between skits there may be several memes. I may be posting memes VERY often. The two types of content are very different. I’ve also seen YouTubers talk about how they’re more successful making multiple channels for multiple types of content.

I’ve had mixed advice so far. @LittleDewDroplets told me she’d rather see memes on my main account and @Pac said I should probably keep them separate. Maybe I should just make a whole new meme account?? Then I’d have three accounts lol.

Help me! What should I do??? I want to hear all of everyone’s opinions!!!


how about putting all content in one account ?

i mean it will be easier. no need switch to accounts.


I’m just considering memes at the moment. I wouldn’t put bloopers on my main account


I have struggled with this but I think that’s what is great about categories. I have been the top of pets and art at the same time. And I create weird random videos that have nothing to do with pets or art, but I think since you can categorize properly it doesn’t affect engagement that much and I think they actually bring so many more people to your profile. People aren’t one dimensional and I really think of my byte as a representation of me. Well, the pleasant parts anyway. :joy:


I think it depends on your content?
Like, my “comedy” stuff is already against my nature, food, and poetry themes.
Memes really wouldn’t fit.
If you’re comedy, I think it’s fine. Dealers choice


Consider this: If somebody were to ask you what you do, you’d want to show them your best work, right? Memes wouldn’t really be considered your “best work” unless one of your “best work” videos became a meme (or unless your “best work” IS actually memes).
So if your main account is for your “best work,” then I recommend putting the memes on your alt account and having your main account showcase your own style of work.

On the other hand, if you don’t really care about where your “best work” goes, then I’d say just post it on either one.


I’d say memes are indeed representation of me.

It seems that the argument so far is: should your account offer your “best work” or the “best representation of you”.


From personal experience: My main account (Faizal) mainly had short clips of me and my friends, some timelapses and nature, and a hint of stopmotion, but I had mixed that in with a bunch of meme edits I made. I started to eventually dislike the memes being on my main page, but I still wanted to upload them, so I started pushing them all to a second account.

The reason I split it was because I obviously care more about my main page than the meme page. I want to put more quality stuff on my main page, and the memes videos were just random throw away videos and edits of my friends I would put together in a couple minutes. So for me personally, the alt meme account was just a place I could put these memes up without worrying about numbers, likes, posting regularly, or worrying about quality, while my main account was for videos that felt more personal to me as “Faizal” or not some random memer

So my personal suggestion would be to keep the memes on your alt account and keep the higher quality stuff on your main account.


Depends on what your set content is or your account is centered on. If memes isn’t part of you thing or you don’t plan to add memes into ur flow then just make an alt I would say.


Since I’m the one who gave you one of those original pieces of advice, let me tell you where that comes from and how I manage my experience on this and any other app.

If a creator I like has 2 different types of content, and I dislike one of them, I’ll stick around as long as the amount of content is 50/50 or more of the thing I like. One of my favorite viners back in the day was thomas sanders, and among his skits he also did impressions of some family guy characters, and once a week he did some singing. I can’t stand family guy, and wasn’t particularly into his singing vines, but that kind of content wasn’t frequent enough to overshadow the other things he put out.

As a creator, I am waiting for alts to make some different accounts, but this is because the different things I’d post are way too different. Right now I post comedy and pets, because they are both aimed at the same thing: making someone smile or laugh. I’d like to post myself singing and some of my drawn art, but that content has a different goal, so I’m waiting for alts for those.

I personally think that memes and comedy are very very similar. When you share either with a friend, it’s probably because it made you laugh or you think it could make them laugh, right?


Yes they are similar because they are both funny, but in essence, skits and memes are very different. Skits/comedy tells a joke while revealing one’s personality, and connect you to the person. Memes are like: I’m going to just try to make you laugh as much as possible as often as possible by editing clips from pop culture.

It’s like comparing the TV shows “The Office” and “Rick and Morty”. Both are comedic, but are very different in nature.