Putting Byte on the Map

byte is on the rise and will soon become the most popular app among zoomers and boomers. byte mission statement is creativity first, where creativity creators can share their videos in many categories, from comedy to wierd to limited editions challenges. while many of us are quarantined there is a lit discord chat available; it is currently small chat and growing as of now but it has a lot of well-known creators and creators on the rise. this chat/community has a similar focus to byte, the goal is to help leverage small content creators that are on the rise.

i’ve watched many well-known creators come and go, but the real ones stayed. i’ve noticed that there are many small creators that are on the rise. despite the previous history about this discord chat where a bunch creators left later a few have returned, many were in fear of L4L, R4R, and etc. this chat isn’t just engagement post or boost per say; more so, it’s about networking and connecting yourself with the community, potential collabs, seek advice, tips, and remarkable moments. no drama is allowed, discrimination, and so on (see rules)

this chat has a lot of hype, support, authentic, and positive members

on another note, if you’re a fan of elon musk, original viners, pewdiepie, mr.beast, stocks, business, finance, reddit memes or funny memes, you’ll love this chat. it’s free for all and it’s not censored but follow the server roles!

again, you never know who you’ll chat within the chat, take advantage of this opportunity. connect and network.

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thanks for reading my unedited essay, see you soon and lets watch byte grow together…until next time



Mad hyped to see the app blow up :exploding_head:


I’ve been on this app since August 2019… it’s done nothing but grow!!!


STONK UP BABY!!! :ok_hand:t3::eyes::fire:

Nice post!

Yes come join our Discord community! Just another way to engage w ur fellow Creators :smile:


Always Stonks :fire:

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Hype for Byte!

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It’ll take time :star2:

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