Public API

I can’t think of any big uses as of now but it will most likely be useful in future, posting new Byte notifications on other platforms automatically, third party stat trackers etc.


I hope they don’t allow full account access because spam bots will become a even bigger issue than already


Yeah, giving full access would be a pretty dumb idea. Maybe like only permission to grab user info and that stuff because I can also see the explore page API being abused in a way where some automated “funny videos pro” channel pumps out videos everyday and data companies archiving videos.


It seems that someone is marketing their basic hackerman Python scripts which were probably already done in app’s beta stage considering how fast they spreaded even tho there are protections for basic users to grab API endpoints, I don’t think all of these eboys know how to even develop those scripts.


I can see use cases for video endpoints. Embedding them, linking them, alerts for something like Discord, possibly even a workflow for posting them (when you’re authenticated o

EDIT FOR CLARIFICATION: By ‘workflow for posting them’ I mean an interface to programmatically submit Bytes. This would open up opportunities for apps and ‘bots’ that could mash user suggested videos into one Byte and upload them. Or at least that’s what I was thinking


All of those examples are good except the planned posting in my opinion, yes it would make mass posting easier but in the end mass posting would enable big companies with higher production budgets grow faster, which is most of the time not good.

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I want to embed bytes on :smiley:

i’m sure that’ll be implemented later on


Aren’t you someone that’s using bots to get people to go to your profile ?


You’re jumping to a different situation here.

  • Said endpoints weren’t public.
  • That account doesn’t exist anymore.

Really dislike the idea of a public API. People are already abusing the API which is not even public, and some are posting straight up tutorials on how to do so. I really do think that Byte doesnt need a public API…


The thing is people use a private and non-intended API that is not even secured. If a public API is released for public use with less user interaction features and the private API is further secured it would make spammers mad and developers happy which is a pretty sensible thing imo.