PSA: Usually don’t do this but some of you need to hear this (maybe a lot)

It’s April 15th obviously. By now you know whose in and who isn’t. DON’T LET NOT GETTING IN AFFECT HOW YOU GO ABOUT CREATING CONTENT! Think about it, where are you gonna run to next? TikTok, Instagram, Youtube?!?! Those are all over saturated. In a way, you’re going to need this app to grow a brand for yourself. If you didn’t get in, use the time to look at every partner and draw something similar about those guys that your content could be if it from. Be yourself obviously, but the best version of it. Work on your craft. You don’t have to post everyday but when you’re not posting, learn new ways to do different things!

Yes I’m not gonna lie, the process was kind of confusing and some things could have been said but at the end, things happened. Think about it, you were making Bytes before this partnership program was announced, why stop now? As of right now, there are some creators that didn’t even get in that shocked the hell out of me. (Ex. Hundo_grand, snackteam, brendoncescon, etc.) People like that have been making content before Byte. Before money was even involved and they’ll continue to do so. My thing is I constantly say I’ve been at this for 4 years, never drew a dime on any content. I’ve just been making them and every year I get better. Use this time to get better and build YOUR brand, don’t give up over “pay” that you weren’t receiving in the first place. HUMBLE YOURSELF if you’re not already. You joined Byte before this program was announced. Everywhere else is saturated and your kind of early/on time to the wave for Byte. Remember that.

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Tbh not sure about anyone else but not getting in is just gonna make me create harder! If they were something I didn’t get in for I am gonna work to be better than that!


exactly! At the same time, even if you never get in, BUILD YOUR BRAND! I know a few freinds in real life that floundered pushing content before new apps came to the scene and they took off from there. Take advantage of an app like Byte that isnt overpopulated, i wish i knew what i knew now 2 years ago!


I’m only here to have fun and be supportive for others.
But…if your aspirations include finding success thru byte: I agree with this completely.
Very well said :clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3:


Why thank you​:pray:t5::joy:


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Somebody give this guy a trophy for his speech! :sweat_smile:

In all honesty though I completely agree with you. I’m continuing to push my creative limits, and I’m honestly loving getting paid in friends the most! (just a joke, you guys are in no way expendable) :blush: :grin:


Good words to help guide the general creating membership, however for others it just seems like a great place to have fun and create. I am having fun creating and being an audience to many if your unique, hilarious posts.

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Trophy? Lol idk about all that. But I am speaking some truth off experience and other big creators I actually know. I was gonna keep my mouth shut till I saw that salty forum post earlier 30 minutes ago. Some need to take it as a humbling experience others need to just take it as giving you more time to work harder and brush up your content

And if you see it that way, that’s great too. Nothing it wrong with what your doing. To was more referring to the people who are thinking about quitting and downplaying others that got in.