Protesting TikTok on TikTok



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I feel the same way, the latest algorithm updates killed original content. It’s really noticeable. Directing them to BYTE doesn’t work in my experience, but still worth a try. At the very least 1 or 2 drop by so it’s worth a try. I literally posted a FROG dancing with Charlie dAmelio as a test . and got more views using the dumb song she danced to… the algorithm pushed the song not me


@evyncollins @electronicant78 we make original content on TikTok just as we do on here.

TikTok is not hiding ur content u post from ur followers - they can find it on ur profile page. You have to look at the root of the problem to solve what’s wrong (and why ur content isn’t shown to ur followers) and that is understanding how the algorithm works.

The way ur video is shown to viewers isn’t based on ur follower counts (but helps). It’s based on a batch process evaluation and uses the waterfall method (a programming term) meaning it shows ur video to a batch of viewers (some of them are ur followers and some are no followers, all based on hashtags u used and songs u picked) , and based on an engagement score (likes, comments, and shares) from those viewers, it determines if ur video gets push to more viewers.

So a person with 100k+ followers can have a video flop if they post bad content and don’t utilize the proper strategies with hashtags and sounds.

Trust me - I’ve been frustrated on there as well but started grinding and understanding the algorithm better, so now my videos have a very consistent performance.

Again, the scale of creators to viewers has shift and more creators now so the competition isn’t as easy over there. So what we were getting 6 months ago won’t be as easy now due to that fact.


Hey Evyn!

I know your intentions are good, and it may be frustrating right now, but if you are going to embark on this journey, I just wanted to quickly say to try to take a collaborative/constructive approach, so not like “TIK TOK IS BAD, CCP POOH BEAR” kind of stuff.

Why I say this is 'cause we’ve seen a lot of people try bring people onto Byte (especially from TikTok), and a lot of the time, the people that we want to bring across feel isolated and perhaps even attacked. There are a lot of people that like both TikTok and Byte (me being one of them), and I think a little bit of compassion could go a long way.

Something like:

“Hey guys I’m going to be predominantly using Byte as my main platform, as I think it’s a better fit for me. I’d really appreciate it if you guys would come over and show the same love and support that you have been here. I know some of you are going to hate it, but it’s still in beta and I want to help pioneer the app. <talk more about why Byte is cool, not about why TikTok is bad>”

With that being said, I have had the same frustrations as you :joy:, but just do keep in mind that people have come before you and there is a stigma surrounding Byte on TikTok.


@evyncollins, @Lacieyl is right.

I’m in a few TikTok growth hack groups and what u r expressing isn’t new - everyday someone comes in and states the same thing as u - my followers don’t see my content - I’m shadow ban, etc .

Then we look at what they are doing, and most of the time, it’s just the way the AI works on TikTok - shoot, people on IG is complaining that their post aren’t shown cause it now a “pay to play” on IG.

Organic growth is still good on TikTok- You just gotta to understand the mechanics of how it works to make it work for u :blush:

Much love and good luck on ur journey to what u want to achieve whether it’s here of anywhere else, Henry :gift_heart:


growth on tiktok means making content the algorithm supports. The frustrations some of us have with tiktok is that the algorithm has a grind to it and bias towards certain demographics. I have very high view to like ratios and the vids get stopped and this is frustrating for many creators… I have a choice to keep playing tiktok to what it wants or make what I want and grind it out. … feel free to check out my page you can see clearly in the last 2 months a sudden drop in engagement on tiktok. And I personally believe thats when I have made my best vids. We arent slamming tiktok, some of us are just frustrated with not feeling like tiktok wants us on their platform. Byte however makes me feel welcomed and it would be good to be able to count on BYTE being successful and a primary app to show vids.


Nah I’m slamming TikTok for being a piece of shit app controlled by fascists. :+1:


Byte is a smaller suppprtive community - but once it grows to scale in user base, they will be face with the same issues as any major platform.

@electronicant78 what u state about engagements is very common among creators on there cause it’s more competitive- it’s not that u are making bad content; it’s just a larger set of videos posted every secs to compete with urs.

I do get frustrated too but I don’t get emotionally attached to any one video - if one does do well, then I move on to the next one :blush:


I have a reasonable suspicion that my content is being suppressed and TikTok themselves have admitted to censoring LGBT content, so it isn’t like my concerns are unfounded.


@evyncollins what’s ur like to view ratio there? What’s ur % on for you vs followers in ur analytics?


I didn’t know what’s going on with Tik Tok, thank you. I found the answer here.

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I’m not sure. I’m not that invested in monitoring my analytics. I just want the things I post to be shown to those who follow me and I’ve noticed a sharp decline in views lately and was told that my posts weren’t showing up in a viewers feed. The fact that TikTok has admitted to censoring content from LGBT and minority creators is enough for me to cut ties, honestly. If it’s not happening to me it’s happening to somebody else and that is unacceptable and shouldn’t be tolerated.


No thanks.


@evyncollins if it bothers u that much, don’t put ur time or effort to it and just focus on Byte.

I’m not trying to sway u either way - I just don’t want to stress over stuff that could be or could not be right for ur account.

I know people with 10x ur followers count and only get 2k views on her videos - so take ur views now and times it by 10.

I’m very analytical by nature so I look at numbers


If this is just the normal process of their algorithm then it’s even more garbage than I thought and more of a reason to not use the app. TikTok doesn’t value creators, it values numbers and profit. I don’t see a balance. Great for viewers, bad for creators, and regardless, heavy censorship. It’s a dumpster fire.


@evyncollins I’m only commenting on ur threads cause I thought it might give u a way to help u get views there.

But if it’s something u think can’t be change, than it is what it is. Just focus on Byte so u don’t divide ur attention, mentally and physically.

Hope all will be well for u, Henry :blush::gift_heart:


I was getting views regularly. I know what my viewership was like prior to my videos being deleted and my Live being flagged for “dangerous behavior” for drinking a beer. If I was regularly getting 1.5-3k views even on posts that didn’t gain much attention, and then after those incidents I’m only now getting a few hundred… suspicious. You’re right. I don’t objectively know. But I have a good reason to guess that it’s happening, and regardless, I’m not going to indirectly support a company that censors its minority creators. I made a post on TikTok saying I was leaving indefinitely and to find me here. I’ve deleted it. I’m not going to give it any more attention unless it is bought out and changed significantly.


I love Tiktok! Byte is up next…


And of course that’s fine. But realise that I’m just trying to help your viewers on TT rather than help TT.


I noticed even if I interacted with people who fell into their undesirable group my views dropped to nothing. I won’t waste my time on futility or mind games. Tell me what the deal is, if I like it then great. They removed videos I made of crafting and talking. There was literally no reason. My content is fine for all ages. I quit and found I had less overall stress.