Prospective creators: pace yourself! (And other important tips)

Hi there!
Beta is just around the corner which means the full app release is just around the corner of the corner!!!

With that being said, as this app comes out and the excitement takes over us all, I just wanted to bring up some things I think we should all keep in mind!!

  • Be nice. Everyone is going to be excited and will want to express that in their own way by making bytes! Please, in an effort to keep the community a positive place and also in an attempt to be a cool, nice, and respectful person: don’t be mean!! Nobody needs to feel called out 2 days into the app, and trends revolving around that type of content will seriously harm the app

  • Pace Yourself. This is the one I think most people will forget as soon as the app comes out, which can be fine but could also be dangerous. Please pace yourself!! Byte will be a very cool and expressive place to get lost in, but too much of a good thing will eventually lead to burnout. Posting 12 times a day could be fun, but then a month into the app when you run out of ideas, you might have wished you had slowed down a bit.

  • Interact with others. It would be all too easy to just post like once or twice a day and then close the app and call it a day, but don’t forget to stay active in watching other artists and their bytes! Supporting each other is vey important for more reasons than I have time to mention, so just enjoy each other’s work and say hi to people!!

  • Dont worry. this is a big one. The most important. The big kahuna. Don’t worry so much! This is a fun lil community and we’re all happy and lucky to be here, so enjoy it! Utilize all the things you want, don’t feel pressured into doing things you don’t want to do, and don’t get too stressed about it! As long as you be yourself and share that with us, you’ve got nothing to worry about!

Hope this helps and gets you guys thinking about how you plan to use the app. I’d love to hear what other tips or advice you guys have too!



Awesome words ! :heart_eyes:




I especially agree with the pace yourself! It’s important not to run out of ideas that you could have used later on because you just want to post everything that comes to your head :smiley:


As it was said before, let’s be inclusive with new users. No matter if they’re content creators or viewers let’s never forget about them and their importance.


This is great! Thanks for sharing :blush:

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great post! @Parkachu


Heck yes

I think all of this is really important, thank you for sharing! :smile:


Very very important everything you said is spot on. Remember guys if there is nothing good to say then dont say it at all. Lets all stay possitive and make this an awesome journey for everyone!!


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I have to agree with interact with others. I’ve seen apps be destroyed because the community doesnt watch each others content. Anyways nice post park great overall message!


Dont worry. is defintely the point which I related to the most. No need to worry we all got a chance to make it here on byte


Cant agree more :v:

This’ really helpful man! Thank you for your time brother

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