Proof facebook listens to me talking about byte

Can you believe this shit? Not the Byte that henry and I have been talking about non stop but okay


that’s… creepy :eyes:


Yeah I’m not surprised. That is creepy though.


I have seen some youtube video experiments about this, it seems weird and I have had similar experiences


it’s also by what you search online. everything is tracked and logged. it’s messed up how much privacy we don’t have.


Mark Zuckerberg puts tape over his laptop for a reason. :eyes::eyes:


I’ve had a similar experience myself, so I no longer use the platform… Facebook has absolutely no respect for privacy.

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I knew a guy who wanted to see if it listens, so kept talking about water for a day, then he got swarmed with water ads. OOF.


the government in the us is slowly catching up with these privacy laws and making it more and more strict, at least on social media side of things, it’ll be awhile before they catch up with voice and how they collect date. Also if you hate on FB but use IG, just realize FB owns IG and they’re doing the same thing on FB as well as on IG. I’d go on a longer rant, but that’s all for today


I do that

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lmao u might not believe but it’s a standard today
the only difference is that in some countries (companies) they conceal the fact that they collect data from you, geolocate you, analyse your voice, phone calls & etc
but like in china they do it openly
and everybody knows that somebody us checking for them
so like
when it’s hidden it’s a questionable thing
but when it’s not
most of the people won’t care much
I mean
it’s just how it works nowadays
data is playing a huge role into understanding us, analyzing us
in Russia they use it for shitty things
they would jail u if they would see a repost on your page from the group w something like “we should liberate Russia from Putin”
there is also like a thing that you can save some pictures to your own album
and it’s not the main album, it’s private, or you can change it to the public one, but you won’t see it on the main page
a good amount of people got jailed cuz they saved some pictures that were considered by the court as “extremist”

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oh hell no byE

update- in the last 7 days I’ve gotten an enormous amount of targeted adds for these aligner things at the top of my email accounts, on Facebook, on Instagram AND on my puzzle games on my phone and it’s getting weird

Have u been searching for “byte” news in google? Probably seeing ur browse history and targeting on that

Relevant video: