Promoting small artists (ideas)

A big problem with most social networks is the difficulty of getting recognized when being a new artist.
Of course, it’s normal for it to be challenging to become “popular”, but some fantastic gold content is too often lost and never shown to the world because it was uploaded by a small artist.

Here’s a couple ideas we could throw around to try and solve or ameliorate the problem:

1. Mixing “Hot” and “New” content:
On the good ol’ Vine when clicking on a category (for example Comedy), you were mostly shown the popular vines in that category with millions of loops.
Maybe instead of only seeing the hot vines, it could be a nice idea to alternate the feed with new vines as well.
It could be for example 3 populars then 1 new vine in the feed.
In this way viewers might be more alert while watching a new vine and more keen to liking, commenting or sharing it. It would essentially remove the bias that we have towards new vines with low loop counts.

2. A “New” tab:
A pretty obvious solution is introducing a “new” section with all the latest uploads for a category.
There’s 2 problems with this solution:

  • The majority of people will ignore the new section and browse the hot/popular section.
  • The new section would be too saturated.

9gag developed this system that works okay. Essentially, when you upload something it’s placed in the “new” section. Then, if your upload gets some traction in a small amount of time, it’s moved to “trending” by the algorithm. Your upload essentially becomes popular and you start receiving massive amounts of likes/comments, potentially getting it into the “hot” section.

3. A daily/weekly/monthly short “upcoming artist” list:
Something like “staff picks” could be introduced, where a few personally chosen accounts could be boosted/promoted every day (or week, or month…)
Obviously the number of uploads, likes, shares, comments etc. would matter when these accounts are chosen.
It should really be given to people who upload consistently, upload fantastic content and interact in a positive way with the community.

There you go, just some ideas to throw around and perhaps can branch out into other better ideas. I hope we can find a great solution together!


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Anyone else?..

I really like the idea of mixing the hot and new content together espically if people don’t know that what they are viewing is not trending but rather new so they do not go into the video with their minds already made up about how they will feeel towards the video.


That will make the content greater tho

Exactly, when people see that a video is new or has very low views/loops count, they automatically form a negative opinion in the back of their mind.


These all seem pretty good, but if there was a “Popular” tab and a “New” tab, people would be tempted to only go on “Popular”

Very Good Idea.

But, the Name “Upcoming Artist” is kind of bland, you know, maybe having “Trending Artist” would be nice.

We Could have a section called “Today” in v2 like the Apple App Store, which would have “Artist Of the Day”, “Loop of the day” (assuming videos would be called Loop) and something like “Meme of the Day”, having this v2 could easily promote 365 artists easily.


Yes that’s always the problem with “new” tabs in general.

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Yes I didn’t put too much effort in the names, you’re probably right about making them more sexy schmexy :smile:

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lol …Yeah I know but those kind of things actually matter to me…

I was thinking the same thing!