Promoting My Social Media Accounts

I’m guessing this is where we showcase our pages.
My Instagram and Snapchat are the two main things I use.
Twitter is something I use when in group chats because Instagram has a more limited cap on people in a group chat.

Yall can follow and I’ll follow/add back. :smiley:

Snapchat - alanandallen
Instagram - tooturntalex
Twitter - TooTurntAlex

I’m guessing this can relate to the other topics that have titles like “What are your social media accounts.”

If it is, then I’ll categorize this.


EDIT: I realized that the underlines before and after my name don’t appear. But for my instagram and my twitter, there is one underline before and after my name :frowning:

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Hahaha sweet

I’m beginning to start posting videos only on my instagram just to start
IG @damnitdc
Twitter @damnitdc

Hope to see you guys around! :+1:t4:

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LMAO your acceptance video is funny af

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Haha thanks! Followed!

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My Instagram is taz.
Twitter @itstanzania
Snapchat lifeoftaz

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How’d you get that name on iG? its so clean

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Can’t seem to find yours @Itstanzania

It has 2 underscores in the front and back idk what happened to them lol

Oh gotchu


Twitter - @RegularThief
Insta - @RegularThief
Snap - @RegularThief

youtube channel -
Subscribe if you want to help me out im new :wink:

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I am a YouTuber living in Missouri. (also known as “the epicenter state of online content”)

YouTube Channel: my videos
Twitter: @adlerdavidson

Goodbye #first1000fam it was nice knowing you lol

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You leaving :frowning:

no we’re just gonna get swarmed by new people lmao

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Good luck my young soldier

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my twitter is and my personal insta is nothing too special but I’ll follow back!!!

If you take a look at my content you can see I’m prepared to make some good v2 videos!

RyleyZalusky social media InstagraM