Promoting a more organic Home page

Hi! Stin here and guess what? I’m gonna rant. But hopefully my thoughts will piece together.

SO, my thoughts are right now the home page is wildly under-utilized. My thoughts leading to this conclusion include:

  1. The fact that my funnier bytes have been rebyted by large accounts, like large large, and gained almost no loops or likes
  2. The fact that I do not use it and most creators I have asked say they use it MAYBE 10% of the time if not less. (Most people said less)

So if nobody is using this central feature, it will pretty much cause the same accounts to remain on the trending page and stunt growth for those (small to even medium-large sized accounts) who would thrive through people rebyting / sharing their content from the home page, which was in my opinion the backbone of Vine. I am a firm believer that despite the drop in activity, the app is thriving looking at the engagement of the top posts. However, growth for the lower % of popular accounts has slowed much more. I really believe this is because of the home page issue.

So the proposed fix. This is the hard part. Of course optimization is the answer, but how?

First thought: Instagram and Twitter suggest accounts to follow based off interests, usually leading to celebrities. These are usually extremely accurate, at least for me, and I think could be utilized on Byte. Twitter’s is the ideal one to look at here because the tool has led me to many small writers/creators (not just celebs or big accounts) who I would have NEVER found otherwise and have since made a central part of my daily consumed content. So users on account creation can input which categories they will most likely frequent, and it will suggest them accounts based on past performance and engagement in that category. I believe this will balance out the engagement distribution, especially if all big accounts are posting in comedy for those big comedy like boosts.
The main crux of this idea is that, on account creation, users are immediately looking at their home page and there is relevant stuff there that they enjoy right away! This will cause a more familiar feeling regarding the home page, and not everyone will be living through the discover tab.

Second Thought: Start Home page with more “For Your Consideration” posts based off of previously liked/rebyted/followed content. This should also include accounts who’s posts you may have liked but did not follow. And then fill up the rest of the home page with already followed content to just keep pushing new, unseen content, especially for those who follow under 50~ people.

So there’s that. Thanks for reading. Love this community and am so grateful for how hard everybody is working. Y’all are amazing. If this makes no sense PLEASE let me know cuz I’m the king of rambling.

TLDR: Home page is wildly underused and should be promoted more through optional account suggestion and optimization of familiar content being pushed to Home page rather than just to be discovered in discover.


I actually agree with you :clap:t4::clap:t4::rocket:


Appreciate it king. Love ur content.

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I too :hot_face::exploding_head:

This will all probably change quite a bit in the coming weeks, Dom outlined some fairly big changes to discovery algorithms and recommendations in this thread:


Ah, the elusive one update I haven’t read. Lol

This is great! I knew the team was working on the algorithm but those specifics should hit mostly everything. Just wanted to give the ole small creators perspective. Thanks!

i totally agree, they should also have a section for only people who follow you, that way you can go back and show love.

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I agree with this!

I agree too👌


I wanted to say something eloquent, but all I gotta say is I agree.