Programming Language V2 is written in

Any idea what programming language @dom uses to write his apps? Objective-C? Swift? Java for android? or could he be using Xamarin and write it in C#? :open_mouth:


Sorry, i dont know anything of that

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I researched for a bit as I was also curious. From my understanding the original vine was made on python. According to
Colin Kroll’s answer to What is the technology stack behind Vine (app)?

Collin being one of vine’s co-founders with Dom. I would just assume the staff would use their similar experience with the vine app and use their existing knowledge for the FrontEnd/BackEnd of V2.

But coding advances on it’s own pretty fast, maybe they’re using a similar framework based on the python language or swift like you pointed out. We would only know when someone from the @staff give us some hints :rofl:


im not a tech savi, so I have no idea what that means. it might not even be tech related, I just don’t know anything.

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I think you’d have to ask someone on the technical team to know that.

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Probably native Swift. Maybe React Native, but probably not

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Yep… Even I think the same. Most of the android and ios apps are written in Java/python and O-C/swift.