Profile URL link to website

I would suggest the ability to link to your personal website or YouTube account like how other social media platform (Instagram, Facebook, etc) allows.

Thanks, Henry


I second this idea :clap:t4::rocket:


Yeah I agree on this, definitely would help with gaining a following outside of Byte. I think they said they plan on doing this soon, not to sure though but I know ppl have brought it up :+1:

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Not relevant to Byte, but TikTok just allowed outward bound links to your website - that’s a big move on their part - just hoping Byte will allow it as well :blush:

we need this,that’s good idea mate! @HenryAndEmma

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It’s not hard to do from coding perspective, but from a control of ur users from leaving the app perspective, it’s the biggest deterrent I’m guessing - most of apps do a web viewer control that shows the site but it’s still within the app :blush: Henry