Profile timeline to reach videos by date/year

I’ve been a very active user of the first version, and had a lot of memories using the app.
Nevertheless I always had a very bad user experience searching for content on the platform.
Maybe it could be very handful to have a functionality that enable the user to sort content on the profile by date/ year.

What do you think ? :face_with_monocle:


That’s a good idea, I like it

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Hmm… maybe like an advanced search button?

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If you don’t know the exact date, you could type the name of the vine or something like that


Exactly !

I feel like the best option is that, an advanced search button. It would be so much easier to find your videos than look for year. I don’t really know if something about it has been said before, but I don’t remember seeing it.

Good idea. :face_with_monocle:


I’m glad this idea is interesting for you. I remember spending hours looking for old videos that i loved. Sometimes when I found it I just diskliked them then liked them again just to find them on my “recently liked” feed. It could be a major feature, I hope the team will have a look at that

@dom just tag him.

Similar to Facebook’s feature? Tumblr has this as well.

Or why not add the feature to bookmark/save the post

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Booking marking decreases engagement for the artists

This idea is great! I know this would’ve made my life easier on vine :joy:

Interesting, how so :0

How does it work though? Would searching through a category help?

I remember doing this too haha

People will choose to bookmark other than to like or comment which shows negative feedback for the artist

But they would come back to it occasionally and watch it, which would count as another view/loop. And I usually do like/comment on the majority of the content I’d bookmark. I just hope the others do too :joy:

Just because you do does not mean others will. The new Instagram features where you send in dms and save messed up engagements for the community.

Oh damn it did? Then screw it,it’s better to have a good engagement

So the advanced search button filters what you search for down into things like hashtags, dates, topics, descriptions and users…?