Profile tags based on interests (ex. -insertname- likes -topic-)

Alright, I could see this being overcomplicated, but I think that posts could be in groups (humor, music, news…) and to use those groups to have a tag on profiles like “-insertname- likes humor” to almost give a bit of an insight on someone’s interests and likes/upvotes (or whatever they’re going to be called) without it being as individually broken down as Instagram is (likes post by post in activity feed).

I know this is probably totally unnecessary but I thought it’d be kinda neat.


I agree that would be cool to have and be able to see what kind of content people like

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I think intrests can’t actually fit since basically every short-video is a humor video.

Music vids would be just self promotion, and I don’t really think someone would post a short video categorized ‘news’…

I see what you mean, but I was just kinda using those as examples. Maybe similar groupings to how the old “V” was?