Profile stories and other ideas to keep people on the app longer

Since I started making friends and talking to people on here, I’ve heard a lot of creators say something like, “I’m gonna make a second account for my not-edited/less planned/candid content”, ex: @zaxbyte for Kevin Saxby. People who prefer to make more edited/planned out content, like me, want to post more candid content too, but hesitate because it doesn’t “fit our style” so to speak. Then we make second accounts for this purpose but only end up using them for like a few weeks (because switching accounts is awful).

A great place for this more candid, off the cusp content would be profile stories, like on Instagram/Facebook/Snapchat/almost every other social platform. It would create more space and more motivation for content among these types of creators, as well as others. This would let creators more directly interact with the goings-on of the app, motivate non-creator/spectator accounts to start making content, create more content in general, and keep people on the app longer.

Being able to switch between accounts without having to log out/in all the time would be great too, for the creators who use 2 accounts for this, or other purposes.

DM’s And a Live feature would also keep people on the app longer, which will DRASTICALLY help grow the app user base. There’s a lot of disgruntlement going on about copying TikTok too much/at all. I don’t think implementing any of these features would count as copying TikTok, even though TT has them, because almost every other platform has these features too, and at this point they’re pretty much necessary for any social platform (and for good reason).

Byte Dev team, we know you all have a priority list of developments in the works, but consider bumping these ones up a bit, if you haven’t already. These features are crucial to apps that keep people on them for long periods of time. Get people to stay on the app longer = more people making more content = Byte grows.

Thanks for your time. Sorry that was kinda long.


I have this problem!


Personally I think they are different styles of making content and I enjoy experimenting with both. My expectations of people following me is that they have interest in my style or personality and all my content fits that because it’s who it encompasses that. That kind of feature isn’t something that would fit for me but I know similar things are used on other platforms so maybe it does have more appeal.

I think DMs are a given on the other hand and I remember reading somewhere that the team has this high in their priority list. I just want to add to what you were saying that THE TIME TO ADD THIS FEATURE IS ASAP. It’s been about 2 months since we’ve had some kind of new features. If someone comes back to see how bytes changed since they left all they would notice right now is it’s the same but it looks more like tiktok.


This Idea is Amazing, I actually agree with you and this idea should be Implemented.
Byte Story’s are going to be a great way to promote content as a creator, and making lives also, maybe Byte story’s are going to be a good Idea for making a only day content, But for a Big Fact it’s going to help the grow as content creators on the app. lives also are going to be great to promote content and make other sutff as also maybe a great way to make giveaways on Byte as other stuff. Overall with your Idea the only thing that I can say it’s that it’s an Amazing Idea and I hope to see it implemented as it’s going to help Byte.

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Story bytes
I would kinda like if they still looped


DMs would bring some staying-power to the app, as most users communicate via other social media. As much as I’ve been championing editing features, I would concede to DMs.

Currently, I use two separate phones to navigate between my two byte accounts. Switching between them on one device is very inconvenient in its current state. It’s also difficult to know what account I’m on at any given time (unless I’m using the 2 separate phones… but, yeah). I’m all for a revamp regarding account-switching. With all of the byte groups popping up, it makes sense



Love all these ideas! Wish I could see them in action tbh!

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Do we really need Blockchain (BTC & ETH) :smile: :smile:

Also, ppl don’t like sponsored post according 2 wat I’ve read. Nice set of ideas though

I’d be down for stories tbh

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like literally WHY NOT? I would totally wanna test it out if it was added as a feature!


Byte should get a Live

Absolutely, just to know who created the content

And sponsored content not like on Instagram, content not to sell you something, but more like inspiration

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