Profile Playlists

I believe we should be able to create “Playlists” of our favourite videos, our latest V2’s or our most re-watched V2’s. I believe the capability of the app is high - I have also never seen such a good Forum - nicely designed and a nice active platform.


I like the Idea! Welcome to the forums btw :smiley:

Thanks a-lot. It’s my first topic - hope it hasn’t been made too many times!

:slight_smile::slight_smile:️ Here’s some kind of similar topics


I like this idea! Would it be just your videos, or other peoples videos you have already watched???

but what if we could also link the forums to our v2 videos/playlists?

Only Yours

The migraine of this would probably be only your videos that you can select and put into a playlist… Like on YouTube.

  1. Click on “Create Playlist”
  2. All of your Vines will show on a screen - as if it were a V2 Camera Role
  3. Select up to 10 Vines
  4. Name your playlist. | Eg: “Latest V2’s”
  5. Private mode? | Tick if you want your playlist to be private.
  6. Post!

All of your followers will be notified. You can then seek all public playlists in a playlist tab on the users profile.



I don’t understand what you mean. Please try and explain it with more detail.