Profile Badges/Achievements/Pins

Having a system of achievements on the app to show off next to your username in the place of a verified check mark. For example: Posting 10+ v#nes, verifying your email, getting above certain numbers of followers (10, 50, 200, etc.), getting above certain numbers of loops, etc. Each acheivement completed would have its own icon that could be displayed next to your username in comments, posts, and on your profile.


Or it could be shown in a “Badges” section to avoid clutter!


Hey there! Check this out! It’s pretty similar to your topic! :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, a “Verified Check” is to prevent impersonation, not to reward achievements. (Well I guess it kinda does)

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I feel like it would clutter up a profile, maybe if we could put some badges on our profile but not all of them for every little thing.

Like snapchat?