Profanity in content

profanity is great; especially when it is used to humor people. sure, it is not appropriate for children, but we can’t really do anything about it; its the internet! the internet is not exclusively for kids, its a place for everyone. censorship of words actually kind of makes children want to use these words more ! lol idk just my opinion :)))


I think there should be a button that lets your post have a warning that there is profanity or filter itself from younger or certain audiences before posting (same could work for NSFW posts)


I don’t go out of my way to purposely use profanity, but I do occasionally use it in some of my sketches. I always bleep my curse words though. I actually think the videos are funnier that way…but that’s just me.

I kinda like that idea bleeping out words. Kinda want to try it with a video now!

I’d try to avoid it as much as possible personally, but then mix up which sound effect goes to which profane word

I was wondering whether we’d be allowed to swear or whatever V2 would look down on that like YouTube does.

Like a “sticker button” on the bottom right that says “Explicit”.

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My content is more geared towards an older demographic. I would be greatly disappointed if I wasn’t allowed to swear in my videos.