Procedurally Generated Timelines

Procedural Generation has been used in video games for years, and is where in for example minecraft, the whole gameplay map does not exist at the start of the game, but instead is randomly generated and loaded while the player moves around the world.

I think this is something that could be used for the explore page, or a separate timeline, on Byte. The idea is that a user could start at the top of a timeline, choosing what they like and don’t like, which would influence the content that comes after it.

The way this would work is by using factors such as:

What other users who like the same posts also liked, for example if user 1 likes video a and video b, and then user 2 likes video a, they could also be recommended video b.

The genre/tags of videos that they’ve liked, for example if a user likes 10 videos with #dogs, they can be recommended more #dogs posts.

A degree of randomness? May sound bizarre but platforms like Spotify often recommend songs that are tailored to be slightly out with what you normally listen to, to help you find new genres etc that you enjoy!

Let me know your thoughts on this, especially the last point about having some randomness to help you find new content!


i like this!


This is something I definitely would like to see on the app!


good idea


Sounds like some similar features from other apps. Especially sport apps where they suggest some things you and others around your area might like and further down the line, you get suggested things that may peak your interest. It’ll be cool to see on byte honestly. The degree of randomness is also a nice as long as it doesn’t go crazy like Instagram’s explore page. Cool idea Daniel, very nice and refreshing ideas you are bringing on the forums. You could of included some cool graphics to show us what you mean. Almost like make your own explore page layout and use other bytes that were posted on the beta to help fit in some squares.


Only reason I didn’t include graphics is because most of it is motion based, which I have literally no experience with. If it moves, i don’t know how to do it lol, maybe in the morning I’ll have a look!


Gotcha! Just some food for thought :smiley:


A seasoning with randomness… I like it. :slight_smile:


This could help with refreshing new posts. As you are scrolling, new posts would show up as they are posted on your feed instead of scrolling to the top and manually refreshing the feed like instagram and other services.


This is a super cool idea. But the only thing is I’m afraid it’ll funnel likes to certain posts and make it harder for newer posts to gain exposure if it just goes by likes. But the hashtags one seems like it would work really well for everyone.


This is possible, but I guess that with the nature of this, including some randomness, the only way you could be recommended posts is if they’re actually something that you should like.

This wouldn’t allow for pushing of certain users (like generally what happens with places like youtubes trending page) or for content to be recommended to you if it isn’t something you should like.


I see what you mean and that makes sense. As long as it’s not like the YouTube trendy algorithms which rely way too much on luck lol.