Problems with v2

actually… there is no problems with v2. i just made the title that so i could grab your attention… did it work ?:smirk:

anyway, i’m worried if i start making funny videos on v2. people won’t take me seriously.:pensive: i don’t want to be know as a comedian. which, if i may add, there is nothing wrong with. i just want to known as something else.

does anyone else have this problem ?:worried:


If you’re making funny videos and only funny videos, then you’re creating comedy and will be a comedian. It’s kind of like me wanting to teach a class then say ‘But I don’t want to be a teacher’. :thinking:


Yeah, I get it. If it really concerns you, just let people know that you’re still you, but you like making videos, and it makes you happy to do so. Good luck! :smiley:


You are you, these are just titles, you can always politely say you don’t want to be called that

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