Problem with identifying the popularity of a byte?

I’ve noticed that one of the bytes that has blown up to a modest degree online is the one produced by user Vlogs. It can be seen here:

One thing notable is the fact that the video itself is sitting with a modest 2000 loops on byte, but almost 90,000 loops on Twitter as of this moment.

I could see it being extremely problematic to simply let the views somewhere else innately increase the views within the app, people could artificially raise them through lame methods, but there’s also the other side of that coin where a popular byte around the internet is not able to have that same popularity be acknowledged on the app per se. I don’t know the solution, but I just think it’s interesting for people to make note of.

When I make my monthly data charts for the most popular bytes, how would I include something like this? Should I?


Wait, you make monthly data charts re:byte?
How have I not seen this data

Does anyone know how it works on other platforms? I guess that would be a good place to start. Like, if I get sent a TikTok link, how does TikTok count things?

I do wish all those views and loops would, to some degree, link to Byte itself, I feel like the app gets completely lost in the above. Hilarious video though, I was rolling when I saw it :joy:

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Here you are, this is for the start of this month:. Maybe I should change their names to the previous month because that would better reflect what happened during that month itself? :thinking:


Thanks, Dale!

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We really need to make an effort to make sure the BYTE watermark is on everything… download from your vid first then upload to other media… hopefully the next breakout vid gets seen and has watermark on it… also the water mark on the top would be seen better… tiktok hides the watermark withtext when its at the bottom.


Also had this to a smaller degree, they put one of mine of Twitter, even though on the app it’s got like 200 loops, on the Twitter it had a lot more.

Didn’t really mention it because being featured on the Twitter was cool enough, glad someone shed some light on this.

Edit: checked, ~400 loops on the app, 12.5K on Twitter.


I saw… :clap:t4:! I’ve noticed couple of meme pages RTed :grin: we need this type of energy!!!

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