Probably My Last Topic For A While

Yes, there are other apps. But that is not the point.

There’s a reason we’re not satisfied with Instagram or YouTube.

Vine was an actual community with mini-communities in itself, and I’m sure that we would be satisfied with the original Vine just reopening. We want the same cozy environment with interesting 6.5-second videos that perfectly looped. The same atmosphere that encouraged creativity and repelled our boredom. It’s true that the app could use some updated features like the Team feature and monetization, but in general, we all wanted that same experience.

I understand that it takes time to create an app like this, and patience to make it perfect. But suggesting the use of “other apps” really caught me off guard. We know that there are other apps, but we stayed here because those apps won’t fill the hole that was created when we heard Vine was closing down.

That hole grew a bit when reading “Taking a Step Back”, but as I, and I’m sure most of us, read further, we were all disappointed in that subtle redirection. A distraction almost.

We can’t just jump to those “other apps”.

Oevo, Ploy, and the rest of these similar apps are just not the same.

And they never will be.

I’ll remember you guys, don’t worry. And don’t give up on Dom and the staff!


V2 Is coming, eventually. It’ll just take a little bit! And before we know it, it’ll be here and so many people will be making even more iconic vines!