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I think that when v2 is already out or they do a trial or something when we need to create the account we’re going to use, the people that have the account in the forum should get the opportunity to use the app first. So like before announcing the opening of the app or the trial for the app to shut down or like stop new users from joining the trial section of the app, so the people that were actually here before can choose their own usernames and have like a boost in a smaller community, since we actually gave feedback on how to improve the app and it would be unfair to us for others that weren’t here in the forum to be able to take a username we wanted to take etc. Hopefully I made myself clear


Hey love, Welcome to the forums!

Be sure to check out this post with some info regarding usernames and early access! :sunflower:


All right thanks!

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If we let Everyone from the forums get an early account, that would kinda be unfair. Some people don’t know about it, and others barely use this forum. Also, that’s over 11,000 people to give early access to. I don’t know if that’s a lot, but i feel like it is. Like, I feel like a few that really help out should get early access or whatever.
(note: by early access, I mean like testing or a trusted task. Not just getting an early account.)


True like the frequent ones at least


I don’t think forum users should be given anything. We all signed up on our own will, and if we suggested ideas then we volunteered. I don’t think it would be right for us to flip the script and ask for things simply for making an account/posting on the forums. Only people I think should be able to reserve usernames are:

  • Popular ex-vine stars (Tons and tons of people will try to snag their username and claim to be them).

  • V2 staff

  • Celebrities (Same reason as the ex-vine star thing. Better to do this than to deal with a load of legal ‘impersonation’ issues down the line in the future)

  • Brands/Companies (For ads/general posts).


would be kinda nice if we were able to get our own usernames and have some sort of advantage hehe


Oh yeah I really hate impersonators

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It’s not necessary, but it would be nice if it did happen

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I agree 1000%


I dont know I feel like we all put in the effort to find the forums and follow v2 closely. We should benifit from that commitment.

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It’ll all come down to who can sign up the fastest when the app releases

lol for real no joke got get them twitter fingers ready

@Tyrellv2 had a point though. It’s our choice to do this, we shouldn’t get paid for it or whatever…

anyway, If we’re lucky, Dom might do something interestingly interesting.

Hey, I was wondering what to do about getting my username if it’s taken, but it’s not showing up as an entity on the app? I am that username on pretty much every vertical platform and would like to keep it uniform and stay that on Byte too… but it’s not showing up as existing when I search for a user with it and I can’t change my user name to it because it says it’s taken.
Please advise, thanks!

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me and the team’ll be on it!

@Martine direct quote from staff:

"someone registered it but then deactivated their account, so that’s why it’s showing up as taken even though there’s no user
we don’t have an official process for claiming inactive usernames at the moment"


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Thank you for this information.
Is there maybe someone I can contact to verify that I am who I say I am, and to show my usernames across the board and hopefully claim this username once it becomes available please?

I appreciate your response and any info you can provide.



anyway to release a username of an existing user? I’m sure you’ve heard of iJustine, how does one file some sort of impersonation report because a few celebrities and influencers have had their handles stolen lol.

Yeah, try PM’ing @cami_p when a system is put in place!:crossed_fingers:

@niam direct team quote: “we’ve been going by gut and responding to trademark violations mostly, plus people who can prove large followings/verification elsewhere”

I’d also just report the account if there appears to be 0 activity or just a stolen username. Cases may vary, but I think that’s the most direct way any of us could respond :love_you_gesture:


@arf Thank you! :pray:t5:

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