Prime Posting Times

I am a Social Media Specialist and part of the job is learning/ knowing your prime time to post content on different platforms in order to get the most visibility as well as the highest engagement.

This week I couldn’t help but notice that videos I posted before or around 9am (EST) got the highest engagement, while videos I posted after 1pm got the least amount. Watching the times I posted was important because now I know what time to post my favourite or best videos!

I highly recommend looking at the times you posted and even the days if you want to take it a step further as it can he extremely helpful if you are trying to grow a community or bring more attention to a particular video you want to share.

Who else notice what time of day works best for their videos?


Very insightful! Thanks for the tip. Though i would ask, is this the engagement from one category or overall ?


That is another to keep in mind for sure! Just like IG or TW with hashtags keeping tags, categories or other factors in mind is quite important.

In this case it is general as I haven’t posted enough variety in content to identify posting times within a particular category itself. Mind you I only really post in Pets and Comedy but it is still a factor you need to keep in mind that is for sure!


Thinks for the advice but me I analyze for a week


That’s fair. Do you plan to expand this once more data is gathered?


That is the plan! I will probably make another post down the road with my updated findings on the best time to post for the categories I often share to.

That isn’t going to work for everyone as different categories may have different prime times, but it’s why it always good to look back on the past week of posting to see the best time, day, and category to post your content to. Especially as the algorithm changes and evolves as I am sure it will.


Most appreciated! I look forward to reading it in the future. I tested your timing for posts before 9:30 EST.(its 8:30 am where i am or central time) and it seems to be decent engagement so far though, i suppose this data would also dependent on peoples availability as well. Some work, attend school, or have other things they do.


My theory is that the primary demographic on this either work or attend post secondary so it would make sense that they are watching before class or work.

It’s only a theory on the primary demographic based on the majority of Byters I’ve seen and heard from as I don’t have have access to Bytes user data.


This is awesome. Thank you so much