Previous V***rs coming back to V2

BigBoiBigToys96 coming to steal you girl with a somewhat serious topic to talk about.

I want to just put in my opinion on Viner1ers coming back to V2.
TLDR: I think that Viners will return, but the big ones won’t have too much of an Impact.
Long Version:

I am mainly going to talk about the Paul’s, as they are probably the most famous (or Infamous) viners at this point. They both got their following in Vine, so It would make sense for them to come back, but why would they waste their time on V2 when they are making tons of money youtube? You can’t make a funny #relatable vine and then plug your merch at the end. So the Pauls likely will come back, but they won’t really stick around.

Also, I doubt Instagram comedians that used to be Viners will come back, as they have gained their following back on Instagram, it would be a waste of their time.


The pauls will for sure come to v2. advertise their youtube channels and get millions of followers

True, but I doubt they will post often due to their vlogs

I dont think the Paul brothers come back

Same, they already have a huge career. They don’t need to conquer another platform.

Some might just get lazy and upload snippets of their music, vlogs, etc on to V2

Although some of the annoying ones will come back, there will many favorites like meechonmars, dopeisland, calebcity, etc who I would love to see on V2. Maybe even check out this Negativity Around Big/Old Content Creators


dont think theyll wanna come back tbh

I think they have established themselves on Youtube by this point, and I doubt they’ll need an app like v2 with the fame they have. That said, if the app is monetized in the right way they could see it as easy money…

The Pauls are definitely unliked especially after numerous scandals and complaints from their neighbours.

Loads of them will come back however they won’t take it seriously.

The skit makers (lele pons, hannah stocking, amanda cerny, anwar jibawi, etc…) will just come back to put a small part from their youtube videos whenever they upload.
The vloggers may come back and just post random things, but they won’t be consistent at all.

The only ones that will return are the ex-viners that never ‘Blew up’ like the pauls did or lele pons or liza. Examples of ones that will probably come back and try on it:

Daz Black (Has said in one of his videos that he will be returning to the app to do it fulltime)
Page Kennedy (Tweets)
DeStorm (Unlikely, however there is a possibility)
Jay Versace
Drew Gooden
Thomas Sanders
and more…


I guarantee previous quality viners will come flooding back in. Vines community in its early days was a solid family. Those are the people i’m most stoked to see get back into creating content.

I can tell you one previous viner that’ll be coming back to V2 …

seeya there :wave:t4:

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I’m binging ur v*nes rn and I gotta say they’re pretty great :ok_hand::joy:

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Hahaha!! cheers dude! :joy:

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