Preview Feature (with caption)

I came here expecting this topic would have been made but couldn’t find it easily when searching so mods, sorry if it’s already out there somewhere.

I would love a feature that lets me see a full preview of a byte with its caption before posting. Sometimes I include text in my video and I try to place it high enough that it won’t interfere with a caption, but then the only way to know if it does or doesn’t is to post the byte and delete it if it interferes. I often have to go through the whole process of uploading, captioning, posting and deleting a video several times because I can’t tell if the caption is going to go onto a second line and run amok of my video text until I post it.

This obviously isn’t a Huge problem but it would definitely make uploading easier for me to have a full preview of the videos. Thanks as always for giving us a place to share our thoughts!